8 Hour Private Tour Review

Looking for a private tour in Okinawa? We recently did a 8 hour tour around Okinawa with choice of sightseeing and food locations according to the customer’s requests. As they were former military we worked out a private tour that included some military sightseeing options. The itinerary was:

1. Pick up at their hotel
2. Former Japanese Navy Underground Headquarters
3. Hacksaw Ridge
4. Michi-no-Eki Kadena
5. Walk around Gate 2 & BC Street
6. Lunch at Charlie’s Tacos – paid by customer.
7. Drop off at their hotel

We picked up our guests at their hotel then our first stop was the former Japanese navy underground headquarters.

Welcome Pack

Okinawa Welcome Pack

We provided our visitors with a welcome pack when we picked them up with some English guides and magazines as well as Okinawa snacks to enjoy before their tour the next day.

Former Japanese Navy Underground Headquarters

Former Navy Underground Headquarters Steps Down

Explore the haunting remnants of Okinawa’s wartime past in the dark, narrow tunnels once bustling with over 4,000 soldiers during WWII. Opened to the public in 1970, the Memorial Museum offers a poignant journey through history, showcasing salvaged artifacts like uniforms and weapons alongside bullet-ridden rooms, including the poignant site where Rear Admiral Ota and his officers met their end. Though a brief 300-meter walk, the tunnels offer a profound reflection on the sacrifices of war, attracting history enthusiasts with its comprehensive displays and English-friendly information. Operating from 8:30 to 17:00, with admission fees of ¥440 for adults and ¥220 for children, the experience promises to be both educational and emotionally stirring.

You can read more about the Former Japanese Navy Underground Headquarters HERE

Next on the itinerary was Hacksaw Ridge also known as the Maeda Escarpment and made famous by the Mel Gibson directed movie.

Hacksaw Ridge

Hacksaw Ridge

Sightseeing at Hacksaw Ridge in Okinawa offers a profound and reflective experience, particularly for history enthusiasts and those interested in World War II. Located near the city of Urasoe, this historically significant site is where U.S. Army medic Desmond Doss performed heroic acts during the Battle of Okinawa. Today, visitors can explore the preserved battlefield, which includes the actual ridge where Doss saved dozens of lives. The area is marked with informational signs that recount the intense battles fought there and the remarkable bravery of Doss. The serene setting now stands in stark contrast to its violent past, providing a space for contemplation and respect for the sacrifices made during one of the bloodiest battles of the Pacific War.

Michi-No-Eki Kadena

After Hacksaw Ridge, we took our visitors to Michi-No-Eki Kadena. Michi-no-eki are roadside rest stations often featuring local foods and other attractions. This particular one has a view over the American Air Force Base at Kadena providing a perfect spot for some airplane spotting.
Kadena Roadside Station serves as a favored sightseeing hub in Kadena Town. The newly constructed observatory is designed to ascend from the base, offering visitors an enhanced proximity and view. On the third floor, the Learning Exhibition Room provides a space where visitors can engage with educational exhibits about peace. The station also features a diverse selection of Okinawan agricultural products and souvenirs, including gourmet delicacies from Kadena.

Michi-No-Eki Kadena

Gate 2/BC Street

Next stop was a walk around Gate 2 and BC Street located just outside “Gate 2” of Kadena Air Force Base. Gate 2 Street, also known as BC Street, is a vibrant and bustling area located just outside Kadena Air Force Base in Okinawa, Japan. This lively street is renowned for its rich blend of American and Okinawan cultures, offering a variety of dining, shopping, and entertainment options. Visitors and locals alike frequent the area to enjoy its array of bars, restaurants serving both American and local cuisines, music venues, and souvenir shops. The street has a historical significance as well, having evolved from a post-World War II black market area to a thriving commercial district. It serves as a popular hangout for both military personnel and civilians, providing a unique cultural exchange and a lively nightlife scene.

Charlie’s Tacos

Last stop was some food at Charlie’s Tacos. Charlie’s Tacos, a beloved culinary institution in Okinawa, has been serving its unique blend of Okinawan and American flavors since 1956. Founded by a local Okinawan woman and her American husband, the restaurant quickly became famous for its taco rice, a dish that ingeniously combines taco fillings with rice, adapting the Mexican staple to suit local tastes. Over the decades, Charlie’s Tacos has not only become a popular dining spot for both locals and American military personnel but has also played a significant role in cultural exchange between the two communities. Its long-standing presence and consistent quality have made it a must-visit for anyone seeking to experience a piece of Okinawa’s diverse culinary landscape.

At the end of the day we even managed to find the Okinawan home are wonderful visitors had lived in many decades ago in Okinawa

Finally we dropped our visitors back at their hotel and the next day took them to the airport for their flight home and had a little surprise for them!

If you’re looking for a private tour in Okinawa then don’t know where to start we’re your best choice! We have native English speakers on staff with luxurious cars and can arrange any length tour to fit your interests and desired locations. Click the button below to send us your requests for a no obligation conversation and quote about how we can make your Okinawan vacation amazing!

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